Steven Lee William Ebbitt, MSC.

My name is Steven Ebbitt and I come from the sunny island of Ireland. I have always had a passion for languages, travel, and teaching. After completing my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees at Liverpool in Environmental Sciences and Geography, I moved to the USA and Canada to focus on teaching sports such as Scuba Diving and Skiing.  After several years of teaching skiing in Switzerland, I moved to Prague and quickly fell in love with the city, it’s rich culture, history and diversity. I continued teaching English language and I am presently an English teacher at KGM, teaching English Communication Skills, Realie and Physical Education.

“My hope is to make learning fun, worthwhile and rewarding for all students, as they explore languages and the learning styles that work for them.” 

Klasické gymnázium Modřany a základní škola s.r.o.
Rakovského 3136/II, Praha 4, 143 00

Tel: +420 244 401 864

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