St. Patrick´s Day on Friday 10th March 2023

„I liked that we were supposed to wear green clothes. It was easy to pick out my outfit in the morning. It was also interesting to see a lot of shades of green. I liked that there were green baloons at school because they looked like grapes and I like grapes. I think the day was interesting.“

„Today was a cool day because I got kidnapped. I didn´t expect that at school. We didn´t have celebrations like that in my old school. I really liked getting kidnapped. We got some candies and did push ups. I would like to be kidnapped again.“

„Today was special at school. We we looking for kidnapped classmates. We looked for the clues. Some of them were hidden very carefully. It was hard to find them but it was fun.“

„Today I had a great time when we celebrated St. Patrick´s Day. The decorations were nice, I made some of them! We got some chocolate from leprechaun´s pot and a small paper shamrock with hope. In our old school we have never done it, it was so much fun, I would like to do this one more time.“

Julia Emily Howell, Sofie Vyskočilová, Sofie Mitášová, Honza Pham

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